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Electrical Engineering for Horticulture - Tyrella Orchard


This project clearly demonstrates the talent, skill and experience at Rzoska

Tyrella Orchard required process automation and real time data assimilation, with logging of the daily totals of grower bins, for market, juice or other products.

The team discussed this in detail with the owner and collected as much historic manual data as they could, also discussing with the owner the design of the automatic data base and counting systems necessary for process automation design.

The team prepared a presentation based on the earlier client discussions, with costs, that demonstrated to the client what and how the system would perform using a real working model.

Project approval was granted and the pilot system was prepared using the development of the local Scada system for operators to enter information about grower/fruit type/orchard harvested and a counters interface for bins being processed into different areas.

The development of a database was also undertaken that can be accessed at any stage during processing with real time data making end of day processing automatic.