Engineering Electrical Solutions

Electrical Engineering for Forestry


Rzoska has shown its experience in:

  • Onsite service and repair of machinery at skid sites around the Nelson region.
  • Working closely with engineering, hydraulic and owners in development of new harvesting equipment.
  • Electrical supply and design of grapple head and chainsaw controls, remote operated debarker controls and winch counting systems for use on the line haulers.
  • Electrical design and installation of a prototype Steep Slope Harvester machine for use on the region’s steep terrain for forestry harvesting.
  • The development and success of this machine leads to another machine being built and several orders from domestic and overseas clients.

Click here to read an article on the Stuff website "...the key to the system's success was a computer-controlled winch which is attached with over 300m of cable anchoring the excavator at the top of the hill."



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